Find out what equipment you need for your Skype lessons with The London Piano Institute

Man learning piano online

The basic requirements

At the most basic level, you do not need much to start your Skype piano lessons.

You need to have an internet connection and a tablet, smartphone or laptop/computer with a webcam.

Most laptops have a built-in webcam that you can use.

So in essence, you really do not need much and you can get started with your Skype lessons right away!

More sophisticated equipment

At The London Piano Institute, we can work with you even if you learn with us via a smart phone, tablet or basic laptop.

We do not even always need to see your hands as we have excellent ears and will be able to work with you just by listening alone.

However, for more advanced passages and techniques it may be useful if we can see your hands.

There are some options available for you to show us your hands.

Option 1- place your smartphone on the side of your upright or grand piano

Place a smart phone on the side of your upright or grand piano and balance it there.

Option 2 – use a table with books piled on top of each other

Put your laptop on top of a high table on top of 5-10 books. You can then tilt the screen towards your hands for us to see.

Option 3 – use a gooseneck stand to mount your smart phone or tablet

Mount a separate web cam on a gooseneck stand. You can view it on Amazon here.

Alternatively mount a tablet on a gooseneck stand. You can view it on Amazon here.

Are you shy? – ask us to provide the lessons via AUDIO only

Some individuals hate the idea of being seen on camera.

Did you know that we can teach you how to play the piano using audio only.

Request an audio only lesson and we can teach you live via Skype without any video.

Do you still want online piano lessons but you do not have access to the internet or a reliable internet connection?

Did you know that we can provide online piano lessons via the telephone.

If you live in an area that has unreliable internet, you can still take online piano lessons with us via the telephone.

Obviously some live online Skype lessons will help in the process, but the majority of the lessons can be provided telephonically by support of email and materials.

In conclusion: you really do not need much to start your online Skype piano lessons

To make things simple, you really do not need much.

Of course having a good quality webcam and reliable internet connection is recommended, but you can start with even a smart phone with a webcam via FaceTime as an example.

If you are passionate about wanting to learn to play the piano then you can get started with piano lessons right away.

Contact us now to arrange your first online Skype piano lesson.